- Simple and intuitive GUI. (Windows Vista compatible)
- Uses very low system resources.
- Favorites, Available and Full Rom list.
- Enable/Disable Clones and 'Bad dump roms'
- Search feature (really handy !!)
- Big (32x32) and small (16x16) icontoolbar.
- Support for zipped picture packs
- Icons support (zipped and unzipped)
- Game screenshot, controlpanel, cabinet, flyer, marquee and title support.
- Cycle mode for multiple screenshots or cycle between screenshot, cabinet, marquee, flyer, control panel and title.
- OnMouseOver cycling mode. (screenshots)
- History.dat support
- Mameinfo.dat support
- Catver.ini support
- NPlayers.ini support
- Individual game .ini support
- Option presets for beginners
- Record and Playback game action
- MNG playback support
- Advanced features like auto moving bad roms to separate folder,  alternative mame folders, move selected rom file to separate folder.
- X-Arcade, Hotrod, Hotrod SE, Slickstick controller support
- Real Full Screen support
- Skinable toolbar icons.
- Up-to-date with mame 0.126
- Multilanguage support. (Currently : English, Dutch, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Swedish, Greek and Chinees-simplified)
EasyMame Features
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10-08-2008: Version 5.8.1 now available

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07-03-2006: Version 1.02 now available