1.0.2 Release info:
- Now works again with mame .104u3 and upwards but does not work with newer binaries .105 and upwards.

Because of a new breed of CPUs comming to the desktop market (64Bit, Dual core etc...) I thought it would be great to make a little application to benchmark Mame so comparing results would be easier.
MameMark doesn't invent the wheel again and uses the method created by John IV.
All credits go to him for finding the best way to benchmark Mame.
To get fair and comparable results MameMark does not have tons of settings to play with. Instead things are kept simple. Be aware that all testing is done in a resolution of 1280x1024x32 @ 60Hz !
The games chosen make use of the major drivers and presumably get identical frames each and every time they run. (no random demo etc...)
The overall idea is to build a database of different configurations so everybody can get a idea which PC is the best or good enough to run a certain rom.
Please send your mark.dat file - created by MameMark - to me
I will then add yours to the official reference.dat file. Make sure you filled-in your PC information (CPU, Amount of system memory, videocard and mame version used)
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10-08-2008: Version 5.8.1 now available

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07-03-2006: Version 1.02 now available